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Set is a game that helps develop pattern recognition skills.

How to Play Set

Set helps both children and adults to develop pattern recognition skills. Playing Set is like playing a puzzle. It can be played at high speed with players vying with each other to see who can spot patterns first or it can be played at a sedate, relaxing and satisfying solitaire level where a player searches to find the patterns at his or her own pace. This is a game that is both fun and mind building at the same time.

To begin, twelve cards are layed out on the table, usually in three rows with four columns. The dealer sets aside the remaining pack of cards. When a player determines a set he or she says, "Set" then gathers up the three cards. The object, then, is to get more sets than your opponents.

A set is made up of three cards in which all the symbols, number, colors and shading are either all different or all the same. There are three colors, red purple and green. Three shapes, oval squiggly and diamond. Three shades, solid, striped or empty. Three numbers, one, two or three. This is not always easy to spot. If there are two of a kind of any of the four combinations, then the three cards are not a set.

When a player finds a set, he must immediately pick the cards up. It is not fair to call out "Set" and then find the combination. All the players look at the cards swept up and determine if they are an actual set. If it turns out not to be a set, the player loses one point. The dealer then replaces the three cards.

If a set cannot be found among the twelve cards, then three more cards are added. Should this happen, the next set picked up is not replaced. Play proceeds until all the cards in the deck are used up. Often several cards will be left on the table at the end of a "hand".

At the end of the hand one point is given to each player for every set acquired. The score is noted and the next hand is played. The game is over when every player has dealt one hand.

Solitaire is simply one player looking for sets in the same way as the multi-player game.

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