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LCR is a game of chance played with three dice and 3 chips.

LCR - Rules

Small Parts Warning - Not for children under 3 years of age.

LCR requires three specially marked dice and a handful of chips (quarters can stand in for the chips). Each player begins with three chips. The players determine who is to roll first. The six-sided dice are marked with the following letters, each on one side of the dice L, C, and R. The other 3 sides of each dice are marked with dots.

The first player rolls three dice. He or she passes a chip either to the left, to the right or to the center pot, depending on the roll of the dice. If any dots are rolled, the player retains his chip for that die. The next player to the left then rolls 3 dice, one die for each chip he possesses, up to three chips. This player then passes chips as directed by the roll. If he should have less than three chips, he only rolls as many dice as he has chips. If he has no chips, he is not out of the game. He simply does NOT roll. Should the person to either side of him be required to pass him a chip, then he again has a chance to win the game and must roll again when his turn comes around.

The roll passes in this manner around and around the table until only one player has chips. The last person having chips wins the game. She is not required to roll the dice.

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