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Xactika is a bid and take tricks game.

Variations on Xactika (Xactica)

One way to change Xactika is to dispense with bidding. Simply try to get the most tricks and tally them up. This gives the advantage to the leader in every round, however, as long as the lead changes every hand play will remain fair.

Another variation is to not play 8 hands, but play to a certain score. This eliminates the inevitability factor when a player gets way ahead. Burning the leader a few times can then change the complexion of the game. Play to 21.

Don't try playing without the numbered suits as this results in no suits at all. High card wins and that is it. Though this can be entertaining to try once, it quickly loses its charm.

You can also try playing with more or less cards. To take away the uncertainty of unknown cards, certain cards can be left out so the number of cards is exactly equal to the number of players times eight. This gives adept card counters an advantage in play, even though the multiplicity of suits can make this more difficult than with a standard deck.

Currently there are no solitaire versions of this game, though one might be devised with the sequential cards it is difficult because the multiplicity of suits introduces an element of choice into the game that does not lend itself easily to the creation of a system that is challenging and at the same time retains the spirit of the original card game.

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