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Xactica - Xactika - is a bid and take tricks game.

Rules for Xactika (Xactica)

In Xactika the players try to take exactly the number of tricks they bid. To begin play each player is dealt 8 of the 81 cards. (With 81 cards, you can play with anywhere from two to ten players because no cards are drawn during play.)

It is well to understand that each card has a combination of symbols, balls, cubes, cones and stars. There are anywhere from one to three symbols of each shape. The total number of shapes is determined by the number of the card. So, for example, the nine card might have two balls, two cubes, three cubes and a two stars.

Each player is dealt eight cards. The remaining cards are set aside. This leaves a considerable degree of unknown regarding the precise cards in play (varying in degree in accordance with the number of players). Now each player, clockwise from the dealer announces how many tricks he believes he can take with the hand he is given. These bids are written down on the score pad.

Play begins with to the left of the dealer. The person leading plays a card and declares which suit on the card is to be trump, not only the shape, but the number of that shapes. Each player must follow suit if he or she is able and may only play a different suit if he or she is out of the suit led. The highest card in the led and declared suit takes the trick. If there are two highest cards the last high card played takes the trick.

Play proceeds through eight tricks and the number of tricks taken are tallied. If the bid is made exactly then the player gets one point for every trick bid. Any variance, up or down causes a point to be subtracted for every trick above or below the number bid. For example, if a player bid two tricks, but gets four tricks, he or she loses two points. The winner of the game is determined after eight hands are played. The player with the highest score is the winner.

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