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Xactika is a bid and take tricks game.

How to Play Xactika (Xactica)

Xactika is a game of bidding and trick taking that is often compared to Spades. In each hand the players declare how many tricks they can take based on the cards they are dealt. What makes Xactika different is that each card is made up of multiple suits. In fact, each card can represent any one of four of twelve possible suits. This is not as complicated as it sounds, but it does make for some interesting bidding and play.

This website will take you through the basic rules of the game, review strategy and help you get started. To navigate the site, simply click on the specific topic in the navigation bar at the top of the page or on the table of contents below. To read through the site in the manner in which it was intended, simply click on the "next page" links at the bottom of each page.


The Rules of Xactika require precise play and exact bidding (hence the name).

There are definite strategies to help you play well and even win on a consistent basis.

Some variations can help you tailor the game to your style of play.

Xactika is one of those games that flowers with study and play. On first glance the multiplicity of suits can seem to unecessarily complicate play. Yet the suits add nuances that are hidden to the novice. The game is recommended for 12 and older. However, experience of the author has shown that an adept nine year old can easily learn and play the game and quickly grasp its fundamentals. This is definitely a card game for sharp card players who like a challenging but reasonably timed game.

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