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Insect and Arachnid Woodkits!

Insect and Arachnid Woodkits by Action Products are a fun and educational models. The woodkits help builders understand the intricacies of insect and arachnid anatomy. They also help young people to learn to follow directions. Of course, coming to understand spatial concepts are part and parcel of doing almost any model. Doing woodkits will help children to learn patience. If all this were not enough, woodkits are a fun way to spend the day. Talents and skills are used to create a figure that can be used in play, or displayed with pride.

Insect Woodkits are fairly detailed and defined. The bleached wood pieces, put together using the included instructions, can also be colored or painted at the discretion of the modeler to create a completely different effect. Most woodkits do not require glue, but a little bit of Elmer's may help to make the model more sturdy for display. Creative modelers can also try putting different pieces in different places just to see the effect. Woodkits are a fun and very reasonably priced way to learn and have fun! Recommended for ages seven and up.

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