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Set Games at Toy Crossing!

Set Games makes several great card games. We carry Set, Quiddler, Xactika and Five Crowns. They meet our criterion of high quality materials, playable rules and pure fun. On this page, you will find a brief summary of each game as well as a link to the rules and some indepth commentary about each game.

Set Card GameSet is a fun card game that helps hone recognition skills in both children and adults. In this game, twelve cards are layed out face side up and players vie to find patterns within the cards. The winner is the player who recognizes the most patterns. This game is recommended for ages six to adult. It can accomodate any reasonable number of players and can even be played solitaire. It is fun, fast and furious in a group, but can be like solving a puzzle in the solitaire form.

Set Card Game Rules

Five Crowns Card GameFive Crowns is a game of both luck and skill. It is very similar to rummy, however it has five suits. It is played in a progressive fashion beginning with three cards in the first hand and up to thirteen in the final hand. At each hand the designated wild card changes to the number of the hand being played. A nice feature of this game is that each player has one chance to lay down the cards in his hand even after the first player goes out. This is a fun and exciting game and is great for social occasions.

Five Crowns Card Game Rules

Quiddler is a fun card game that combines the word savviness of scrabble with the fast action and fun of a rummy style card game. The object is to spell words with cards in your hand. In the first hand you are dealt three cards, on the second four, et cetera, through ten. The play is similar to rummy as players draw and discard until they can use all their letters to spell one, or a combination of words. Extra points are awarded for the most words as well as the longest word.

Quiddler Card Game Rules

Quiddler has been one of the most popular games we have sold in the store at toy crossing. Here in the Thumb of Michigan it is widely played and customers are always recommending it to their friends for card parties and for conventional play.

Xactika Card GameXactika is a fun card game for players who like to take tricks, bid for points and show their skill in play. With twelve suits this game has many nuances, yet is still playable by beginners (recommended for age 12 and older). With eighty-one cards it can be played by anywhere from two to ten players. The average game lasts just over 1/2 hour. If you like Spades or Bridge you will like this game.

Xactika Card Game Rules

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