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Space Shuttle Woodkit

Space Shuttle Woodkit
The Space Shuttle Woodkit is a 9 1/2 inch wood model of the amazing U.S. space craft. Action Product woodkits are designed with quality, fun and adventure in mind. The sturdy wood pieces provide are a challenge to modelers who build the woodkit for display or take it apart and put it back together again like a puzzle. The Space Shuttle Woodkit is a durable replica. Like other woodkits in can be painted or decorated for a more custom design effect. Any woodkit is a fun learning experience, but the Space Shuttle Woodkit helps to kindle the imagination of the budding aerospace engineer as he or she explores the universe of flight. This model is recommended for ages seven and up.

Click here for more information about the Space Shuttle.
From the box: The U.S. Space Shuttle is a reusable spaccraft selected by NASA to replace the expensive single-use rockets of previous space programs. The shuttle's three main components are the orbiter, external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters. The fuel tank is the largest part of the space shuttle. It holds the liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel used during takeoff. The solid rocket boosters, or SRB's, rest on either side of the guel tank. The boosters produce the 2.5 million pounds of thrust needed to launch the shuttle into orbit. By the time the shuttle has climbed to a height of 68 miles, the solid rocket boosters and the fuel tank have separated and fallen to earth for retrieval. The boosters are repaired and used in future launches. However, the large fuel tank can not be reused. After the tanks and solid rocket boosters separate, the shuttle orbiter contines its flight, using 44 small thrusters and rockets to reach its final orbit. At the mission's end, the orbiter returns to Earth and glides to a halt on the runway. Shuttle missions usually land at Cape Canaveral, Florida, but in cases of bad weather it can land at several bases worldwide and be transported back to florida on a converted Boeing 747.

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