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Tarantula Woodkit

Tarantula woodkit
The Tarantula Woodkit recreates the largest of the spider family. Action Product woodkits are designed with both quality and fun in mind. The sturdy wood pieces provide fun and a challenge as modelers build the woodkit for display or take it apart and put it back together again like a puzzle. The Tarantula Woodkit depicts this amazing creature in all his frightening glory. It can even be painted or decorated for occasions like Halloween. Any woodkit is a fun learning experience, but the Tarantula woodkit helps to kindle the imagination of the budding biologist as he or she explores the world of eight legged creatures. This model measures 16 inches in length - about the same size that a real Tarantula may reach. Recommended for ages seven and up.

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From the box: Tarantulas are some of the largest of all spiders. They hunt by night. During the day they stay hidden under stones, bark or in deep burrows lined with their own silk. Their body is covered with long hairs that become rough on the sides of the abdomen. These are pulled out with the feet and thrown at attackers. They are very irritating to human skin. Tarantulas differ from other spiders by their parallel, straight jaws and painful bite. Tarantulas prey on insects and amphibians by chasing after them or trapping them in webs stretched on the ground. The giant Venezuaelan species has a body three and a half inches across, with a 10 inch leg span. If cornered, the spider may purr or rear up on its back legs.

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