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F-15 Eagle Woodkit

F-15 Eagle woodkit
The F-15 Eagle Woodkit is a 9 inch wood model of the famed fighter aircraft. Action Product woodkits are designed with quality, fun and adventure in mind. The sturdy wood pieces provide are a challenge to modelers who build the woodkit for display or take it apart and put it back together again like a puzzle. The F-15 Woodkit depicts this amazing aircraft in moderate detail. Like other woodkits in can be painted or decorated for a more custom designed effect. Any woodkit is a fun learning experience, but the F-15 Eagle woodkit helps to kindle the imagination of the budding aerospace engineer as he or she explores the universe of flight. This model is recommended for ages seven and up.

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From the box: The F-15 Eagle was designed in the 1970s to meet the increasing need for excellent maneuverability t high speeds. It has twofuselage-mounted, turbofan, afterburning engines, allowing the F-15 to exceed Mach 2. During research flights at Edwards Air force Base, it has been tested up to 9 Gs. The F-15 is flown by a single pilot and is in the 40,000 lb class. There is also the F-15 D which seats two pilots. The F-15 operates with the Air Force in the US and Europe, and is a major component of the air forces in Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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