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Saturnian Mini Fling Sock

Saturnian Fling Sock
The Saturnian Fling Sock has a "fun gripper" rubberized mesh on its impact surface for easier catching, throwing and fun. The polyethylene (bean) pellets are double bagged for extra durability. To throw the fling sock (sometimes called a foxtail) just hold it by the tail, swing back, then forward in an underhand motion. Take a small step forward with the foot opposite the throwing hand and then release. The extra leverage from the tail gives a greater impetus to the fling sock so that it may fly much farther than an average bean bag would. The tail on the mini fling sock is 16 1/2 inches in length and is a perfect size for taking to the park for games of catch or take several to picnics for a round of fling sock golf. This is a durable, fun product that can be played with by any generation. Play fling sock football, or fling sock pickle. Lots of games are possible.

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