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Quiddler Rules

Quiddler Strategy

A combination of cards able to go out is likely to occur early to one or another player. Even though the object is not to go out quickly many players like to do this rather than wait for better cards. However, going out as quickly as possible can be a mistake. If you already have a set to go out and there is a chance to markedly improve your hand it might be better to wait. Since players are not rewarded for going out first or punished for waiting, a player might safely sit on a hand that could "go down" for several rounds. The trade off is that waiting can allow opponents to also improve their hands.

The bonus for most words and for longest word are worth pursuing. Laying down first actually allows opponents to adjust their hands to achieve the additional ten points. It can even be advantageous to lose a few points by retaining a card or two, just to get the longest word.

Watching the score is worthwhile as well. If you are behind and see that you can only tie for one of the bonuses, it is wise to tie the leader, if possible, to deny that player of the bonus points.

It is usually safe to hold a high point card during play even though you don't currently have a word combination that uses it. However, it is dangerous to hold more than one of these cards in the event that an opponent should lay down his or her hand. It is generally wise to go for the probable rather than the risky. For example, if you draw the Q and there are already several U's in the discard pile, it might be wise to discard the Q.

Arrange your cards in combinations of words and keep unused cards slightly separated on one side. This will make certain that you do not get confused or forget about a stray card in your hand.

Quiddler is a fast paced game, that rewards the use of small words as well as large ones. Be sure to play to the strength of your hand as well as the strengths of your own playing abilities. Play hard and have fun!

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