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Quiddler Rules

Quiddler Solitaire

Quiddler Solitaire bears very little resemblance to the multi-person game. It is more like the standard Solitaire that we were all taught long ago. 48 cards of the deck are dealt out in eight columns. The first five cards in each column are face down; the last card in each column is face up. As word combinations are made, they are taken off the stacks and the next card in each stack us turned over. If a stack is emptied, then a card from another stack can be moved over and the next card turned over.

If all the cards are made into words, the player wins. If any cards are left on the table, the player loses. This is a pretty simple game, but there are a few ideas to keep in mind. First, it is wise to save certain letters from use early on. One letter that should be preserved is a U on the probable chance that a Q will turn up later. Even though this letter might be on top of a five deep stack, clearing another row will allow access to the cards below it.

As a solitaire word game, Quiddler can give hours of enjoyment. You can also make up variations, using more cards or fewer stacks or even not allowing two letter words.

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