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LCR is a game of chance played with three dice and 3 chips.

How to Play LCR

Small Parts Warning - Not for children under 3 years of age.

LCR, short for "Left, Center, Right", is a very simple game. Yet it has acquired many fans from all over the world. It is played with three dice and a handful of chips, but it can provide excitement equivalent to a horse race at any gathering without the necessity of going to the track or of cleaning up after the horses. Yet the fact is in L-C-R there is little strategy involved. Once a player sits in on a game, the outcome is left entirely to the three dice.

Though LCR is often played as a gambling game, it is also an excellent game for young children. This seems incongruous, but played with chips, children are continuously confronted with the imperative to pass one or more chips to either the right or to the left. They learn the distinction quickly playing this fast paced game.

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An overview of the Rules of LCR are short and simple. With a few dice and a couple of chips you will be playing in no time.

Knowing the Probabilities in LCR will give you a better idea of the ebb and flow of the game.

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