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IQ Baby at Toy Crossing!

IQ Baby makes toys that help create an enriched environment for children. Jane Healy in her book Your Child's Growing Mind compares a child's environment to it's nutrition. For a child to grow up to be strong and healthy it must have nourishing food. For the child to grow into a thinking, responsible adult, he or she must also be provided with a nourishing environment that includes appropriate play.

Ms. Healy puts it this way, "Enriched" would include stimulating playthings that become increasingly important for cognitive development after age one. Interesting and challenging play materials in children's homes after the first year predict later IQ and school achievement in reading and math. As in infancy, a child's firsthand involvement with objects and experiences is a catalyst for brain growth.

IQ Baby from Small World Toys makes a fun line of playsets that helps newborns to toddlers to grow healthy in an "enriched" environment. This three part set is an excellent way to help baby's and toddlers develop spacial and social skills at the same time. The blocks can be built into a small town. The vehicles, with moving wheels, flaps and contrasting colors give more scope to the play. The chubby choo choo completes the series and its connecting cars help develop coordination in both manipulating objects and in play.

IQ Baby Chubby Choo Choo
IQ Chubby Choo Choo Train: Huggable Soft Block Train Set.

IQ Baby Knock Knock Blocks
IQ Knock Knock Blocks - 16 soft building blocks with lots of peek-a-boo windows and doors.

IQ Baby Zoom Zoom Vehicles
IQ Zoom Zoom Vehicles - Soft building blocks peek-a-boo windows, doors, and wheels.

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