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Croquet Rules

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Croquet: Object

To win at croquet, a player or team must score the highest number of points. One point is awarded for every wicket passed through in the proper direction and proper order. (That means there are two points awarded for five of the wickets, 1 point each for four wickets, and one point for each stake for a total of 16 points).

Object of Croquet
Each player must drive his ball around the course in the order indicated on the diagram at left. When all the players on a team have completed the course, the game is over and the points are tallied. Thus, one team will get the full number of points available, while the other team will achieve something less.

When a player hits the final stake he ceases to take turns. It is sometimes to a team's advantage for a player to pass through all the wickets, but not hit the final stake in order to return to the field to help his team-mates. However, this player must eventually hit the final stake in order to ultimately win the game. A player from the other team may actually roquet such a player into the final stake just to get him out of the game. (Rules for roqueting are in the next section.)

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