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Croquet Rules

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The Rules of Croquet

Croquet has a reputation for being a genteel game for garden parties and picnics. Yet it can be a fiercely competitive game of skill and strategy for teams or individuals. Played on varying terrain and from two to six players it can provide fun and excitement at formal social occasions or to pleasantly while-away and afternoon.

This site will take you through a comprehensive review of the rules and impart a bit of trivia on the game itself. To navigate this site, click on a specific topic in the contents below or click on the next page links at the bottom of each page to go through the site in the manner in which it was intended:

The history of croquet has ancient roots.

The setup for croquet is fairly simple, it requires only an open field and a croquet set comprised of two stakes, nine wickets, along with a couple of mallets and balls.

The object of the game is to pass a ball through all the wickets.

The basic rules of croquet are simple, but there are certain exceptions and caveats that are not well understood.

There are many variations to the rules for croquet. We give you the flavor of a few.

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