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Bananagrams: How to Play

If you have ever sat at a scrabble game and wondered when the other players were going to finally finish their turns so you could get around to your play, then you will find Bananagrams an imminently satisfying game. You are playing, making words from letter tiles, for the entire game.

Bananagrams Game
There are 144 lettered tiles, each player picks a quantity from the pile; then play begins as soon as someone declares "split"! This is a fun, fast paced word game, playable, with simple rules. Yet the game is complex enough to hold the interest of the deepest word-game fanatic.

Bananagrams is a great game to play with company, friends and family. For after dinner, at a picnic or while waiting at a restaurant. It travels well, because it does not require a board and packs away in a distinctive carrying container that looks like a banana.

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