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Welcome to Toy Crossing

Toy Crossing is dedicated to bringing you reviews of the highest quality toys we can find. With nearly ten years of experience in the toy industry our reviewer and CEO, Robin Rayment can give you the straight scoop on the best, and worst, in toys and games..

One great game that has been around for about five years, but is still fun for the whole family is Bananagrams. This is a fun and fast word game that is played with letter tiles. It does not require a board or for any player to keep score. It is simply hours of fun in a distinctive bag. We have put together a comprehensive website on Bananagrams so you can learn all about it.

IQ Baby makes some very effective developmental toys, effective because they not only help the child learn and advance, but they help the child to find constructive ways to have fun. There are three different sets that are all inter-related. With the blocks you can build a little town, then there is the choo-choo train and the vroom-vroom vehicle set. All are made with soft blocks. The vehicles have baby-safe wheels.

We think kids should have fun as they develop. Nothing on our website takes batteries. Robin, our proprietor, says, "We don't want toys powered by electricity. We want toys powered by imagination." With this in mind, we present you with a few guidelines for brain building play.

We are really high on New Tech Kites. This is top of the line kite flying, including ship kites, dragons, and stunt kites, as well as the more familiar diamonds, deltas and box kites. New Tech makes all of their kites with rip-stop nylon sails, and either fiberglass or carbon-fiber sparring. Bill Rayment the proprietor's husband, is a kite flying fanatic. You can visit his website with some kite flying blueprints he developed himself.

Card games by SET Enterprises are very popular. They are now available on-line! We also have created some indepth sites that explain the rules, and strategies behind Quiddler, Five Crowns, and Set.

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Toy Crossing is working hard to bring you comprehensive and in-depth information about games and toys. Check out our affiliated websites.

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